Tips To Stay Motivated At Work

Posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at 2:41 pm
Motivated employers are generally more enthusiastic, energetic, more productive and perform better than their unmotivated peers. Motivation is often contagious among employees and has a positive effect on the entire team. Occasionally, we experience a slump in our motivation levels –
it’s something that happens to the best of us. This guide will demonstrate the different techniques and methods on how to counteract these periods of motivation deficiency.

Make Your Goals Clear

Working aimlessly without having a clear vision, mission and set of objectives will only make things more demotivating. You’ll end up wasting time on unimportant tasks instead of focusing on the big picture. Analyze your objectives and focus on them with the end goal in mind.

Create a Game Plan

Once you have established a clear goal for yourself, draw up a system or procedure for how you will achieve it and keep track of your progress. Try breaking down big tasks into smaller and compelling tasks that are simple to achieve. A blueprint that clearly identifies your path to achievable success will simplify the process and give you control over work and deadlines.

Maintain Success Momentum

Success is a stimulating feeling. Work hard to achieve results and channel that positive energy into achieving more. Constantly remind yourself of your clear game plan then apply hard work and dedication when tackling your next task or project.

Reward Yourself

As you reach your objectives and milestones, treat yourself to a reward. You can even select different rewards for certain tasks, projects and results. By doing this, you will look forward to the reward and have an extra drive to complete your tasks. Nothing fuels motivation like rewards for hard work.

Perspective Outlook

It is necessary to maintain a sense of perspective and give yourself a reminder of why you work. Other than the weekly paycheque, its mostly about how you’re contributing to your community, realizing your potential and expanding your skills. During tough times, encourage and remind yourself of why you do your job.

Work/Life Balance

We tend to lose ourselves in our work but it is important to maintain a healthy balance between work and our personal lives. This is beneficial to our motivation and wellbeing. Ensure that you are taking personal time for yourself to channel your energy and creativity. Looking forward to your personal life after work will help you during dull moments and propel your motivation.


Avoid any negativity as this only drains your energy, enthusiasm and the reasons you work. Concentrate on positive thoughts by surrounding yourself with positive stimuli. You can evoke positivity by looking forward to accomplishing your goals earlier, an approaching vacation, teamwork, or anything that keeps you going.



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