Introducing The Edge

The Edge – A Leader’s Magazine is a newly re-branded quarterly business magazine that has a circulation of over 40,000 copies in North America, mainly United States and Canada, with many others from all over the globe, visiting the website on a daily basis to keep up to date with the latest in business and entrepreneurship.

Formerly published as World Index, The Edge, has been in circulation since 2011. It focuses on celebrating success stories of business people – what motivates them and how they overcame obstacles in their journey to the top. The magazine also promotes promising leaders of the Gen Next era who are on their way to make a mark in their field.


Focused on the reading needs of the millennial generation, The Edge – A Leader’s Magazine features articles and listicles from across the globe. The articles are, however, delivered with a distinct North American voice. Notable inspirational names are featured on the cover. Past candidates include Dr. Randall Pinkett, Kathy Ireland, James Malinchak and Susan Sly. Key sections include:

  • Business and Finance
  • Winner’s Circle – profiles of successful people in various industries
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Advice and Inspiration
  • Travel
  • Marketplace

Each section boasts a wealth of critical information and original insight. Combine all that with our reader friendly design and you have a package unlike any other. The website features additional editorial content such as inspirational videos and podcasts, all of which are a hit with our audiences.


The Edge – A Leader’s Magazine organizes and promotes key local talent and businesses through a series of networking and motivational speaking events. The events are held for the local population in various cities across Canada and focus on enhancing new business ideas as well as connecting people with mentors and sponsors who could further help them in the quest of their ambitions.

The events are carefully tailored keeping the audience in mind. They also, from time to time, shed light on social issues that require focus and attention.

Readership Profile

A balanced readership

A choice for millennials

Distributed throughout all large North American cities

Advertising Opportunities

The Edge – A Leader’s Magazine engages readers and offers advertisers integrated solutions via both print and website advertising ( as well as sponsorship opportunities for our events, inspirational videos and podcasts, to effectively reach target audiences.

With a longer shelf life and engaging and entertaining editorial content, The Edge – A Leader’s Magazine offers a high Return on Investment (ROI) for advertisers in attracting and retaining customers.

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