These 5 Productivity Apps Will Help You Stay Organized

Posted on Thursday, January 19th, 2017 at 10:30 am

As a worker in the busy economy, you have to keep track of meetings and appointments, not to mention deadlines for assignments. Thanks to technological innovations, you can now keep track of your to-do list in your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Here are five apps that will help you stay organized:

Google Drive

Google Drive encompasses several sub-apps, such as Google Forms, Google Docs and Google Sheets. The best thing about Google is the company’s functional services. This makes organization much more efficient for the user. Google Docs and Google Sheets are similar to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. However, Google provides the feature of integrating your projects in those apps into the Google Drive, a cloud-based storage system. Also, more than one user can edit the same shared file/folder if given access.


Note-taking has never been more efficient. Any modern entrepreneur would recommend this app as a personal and/or business aid. If you need to transcribe your handwritten notes or business receipts, Evernote allows you to screenshot and sort them within the app. The tagging feature proves to be a time-saver. The best part about Evernote is the syncing capability. Let’s say you altered a note in your laptop. Changes are saved within the app. When you open it on other devices (like your phone), you can continue with the last saved progress.


Dropbox makes file-sharing much easier. E-Mails limit users to a certain file size, making it more difficult for you to share documents, high-resolution pictures and presentations. It functions as a typical folder in your desktop. However, the difference is that you may allow other users (using their own devices) to view and open the same folder. Depending on your subscription, Dropbox allows you to upload large amounts of data. If you have reached your limit, you can delete unnecessary files to free up some space.


Workflow is basically a dashboard essential for quick access to other apps, except that it features automated action buttons. Workflow allows you to connect with other apps to make the action buttons. For instance, you can request an Uber pickup with a click of a button within the app instead of opening the Uber app itself. Workflow won the 2015 Apple Design Award for its compatibility with the iPhone and the Apple Watch.


Trello is basically a virtual whiteboard that can contain several notes and clippings. You may be working on several projects with different companies. Trello allows you to keep track of the different “boards” you share with your collaborators. You can post text entries, to-do lists, pictures, links, etc. Those who have access to the board can monitor all the activities as well. No matter where you are geographically, using Trello helps you keep in touch with other team members and the agenda.



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