4 Ways To Improve Visualization For Success

Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Consider that all of what we do starts as an idea. Each activity, each word, each human creation exists first in our creative ability. The capacity to see things before they really happen is what empowers us to seek after our dreams and then accomplish them. In fact, the better we envision the future we need, the better our odds to achieve it.

The key to better visualization lies in our ability to see the goal we want in its true element and practicality. Authenticity is the most imperative thought in perception. For example, Muhammad Ali must have envisioned himself to be “The Greatest” one day, but he also put in much effort to get there. He simply did not get better than average by wishing it would just happen.


Visualization makes it easier to achieve our goals. Here are some tips for applying it to your goals:


Be Assertive:

The most common mistake people make is to put all their energy into attracting exactly what they do not want. For example, we wish to not to gain weight. The Law of Attraction does not understand negative words. Rather than thinking of not gaining weight, we should visualize about losing weight and getting fit.

Be Clear and Precise:

It is usually the case that many people have ambiguous goals, such as to own a luxury car or a big home. This vagueness does not serve a purpose. We need to clearly picture the details of the car we want, the colour it should be and the specific amount of money it will cost.

Write your wishes down:

Take time to write down your goals and aspirations; this gives more clarity of vision. Write them in your cellphone, in note pads, on post-it notes placed around your work area; help yourself to remember what you are aiming for, all over the place. It is ok if you wind up with little notes under your mattress. This just implies that you’re not stressing over them, helping you to better visualize your goals.

Have Faith:

Whatever you visualize, have all your faith in it; don’t doubt it even for a second. Act as if you already have it. Have the same feeling as you would expect when it actually happens. Make your target your burning obsession, a desire and resolution in life.

A lot of people feel they are the victims in life and they often point to past experiences, family background or other people for anything that goes wrong. What they forget is that nobody has a perfect life; each one of us is fighting our own battles in some form or another. The real challenge is what we make of it. We can either sit and sulk or make the best of what we have. If you can visualize your goal in your mind, make that your dominant thought. You will bring that into your life.


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